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SEAT rides in several local parades each year.  You must be a current member in good standing to participate in parades.  We have been seen in Oceanview St Patrick's Day Parade, Pungo Strawberry Festival Parade, Neptune Festival Parade, Veteran's Day Parade, Norfolk Grand Illumination Parade, Chesapeake Christmas Parade, Virginia Beach Christmas Parade, Smithfield Christmas Parade, and Suffolk Christmas Parade.  SEAT typically rides in 3-4 parades each year depending on the interest of the group and what parades we get chosen to participate in after submitting applications.  If you have an interest in a particular parade you'd like to see SEAT ride in, please notify board members.  Suggestions are always welcome!

Several years ago, SEAT members voted to have parade attire so riders and horses are more uniform and it alleviates having to have numerous outfits and saddle pads for various parade themes.  Our base attire for rider includes our SEAT maroon polo shirts or jackets, blue jeans (although Grand Illumination parade requests black pants/jeans), boots, and helmets or cowboy hats are optional.  Our base attire is a clean well-groomed, sound horse, navy blue saddle blanket, and optional decor based on parade theme and interest of group.  Night parades battery operated white lights are required.

Need SEAT attire or navy blue saddle blanket contact Anna McGovern through our SEAT Roster. 

SEAT tries to keep parade attire and saddle blankets on hand in stock, but plan ahead if you are new to parading in case an order needs to be placed!

  • Must be a current SEAT member in good standing
  • Must be 18 years of age to participate at any level in a parade
  • Must attend at least 1 parade practice before riding in a parade with SEAT
  • Must have proper parade attire including a clean well-groomed and sound horse, navy blue saddle blanket, and SEAT maroon polo shirt, sweatshirt, or jacket depending on time of year
  • Must have a horse that can tolerate loud noises, chaos, flags, baby strollers, etc.
  • SEAT has a Three-Strike rule for horses for parades ~ 3 incidences of any aggressive action - kicking, biting, charging (humans or other horses) - you're out.  Safety first!
  • Members riding donate $2 at each parade to our pooper scoopers
  • Minimum 6 riders needed for parade participation

Upcoming Parades and Practices in 2021

Saturday September 25: Neptune Festival Parade 

RSVP for parades or questions about parading with SEAT, contact Laura Isenberg through our SEAT Roster.


2019 Chesapeake Rotary Christmas Parade


2018 Smithfield Christmas Parade




SEAT members enjoy Virginia Beach's Neptune Festival Parade, which is held in late September each year.    







SEAT members have enjoyed riding in Virginia Beach's Pungo Strawberry Festival Parade over Memorial Day weekend in years past!  Riders show their patriotic side with their decorations and carrying our American and SEAT flags. 




Thanks SEAT members for helpin' with poo scoopin' duties!  Some parades require our own cleanup crew.