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Mileage Program

SEAT wishes to recognize and encourage its members who trail ride their horses consistently.  SEAT members may register themselves and their horses for recognition and awards.  The one-time cost for active SEAT members is $15.  This is an honor system for recording your miles.

Recognition patches will be given for 100, 250, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, and one final patch of 5000+ miles.  Awards will be presented at monthly meetings as the individual's miles are accrued.  Mileage is cumulative from year to year. 

Current SEAT members that are new to the mileage program may turn in mileage from up to 3 months prior to joining this program.  If you have not been a SEAT member for 3 months you may turn in mileage starting with the day membership began.  Previous SEAT members joining the mileage program after more than a one year lapse will be considered a new member and mileage resets to zero.

Email mileage monthly - including date, location, and amount of mileage for each ride - to our mileage coordinator, Betty Bailey, at miles per hour (mph) have been calculated by hand-held GPS devices and have averaged 3 mph for non-gaited horses and 3.5 mph for gaited horses.  If you do not have a GPS device you may use these numbers when figuring your monthly totals.

If you would like to join this program, please complete the application form under the next page titled:  Mileage Program Application Form and send a $15.00 check made out to SEAT to PO Box 15042 Chesapeake, Va 23328 or submit $15.00 payment through Venmo app to: @seatclub 

Current Mileage Program Participants

  Mileage updates as (reported) of July 1 2021:

1)  Casey Shackleford - All horses:  4659  miles

2)  Diane VanderGiessen on Nova, Zipper and Blue: 2420 miles

3)  Mark Shackleford on Chance & Jackson: 2174 miles

4)  Sharyn Hughes on Babe, Mo, & Flash: 1830.6 miles  

5)  Laura Isenberg on Brooklyn and Blackjack: 1708 miles

6)  Twilight owned by Casey Shackleford: 1552 miles 

7)  Betty Bailey on Twinkles: 1023 miles

8)  Nova owned by Diane VandeGiessen:  575 miles

8)  Tammie Davis on Scout: 368